SHIPTER can ship to more than 40 countries around the world during COVID-19 through collaboration with foreign post offices and strong domestic and foreign logistics partners.
We are also helping our customers expand their sales channels by developing an e-commerce sales platform that is still unfamiliar to Korean sellers and introducing it to our customers.
SHIPTER is a global multinational shipping service.
As the e-commerce market grows, opportunities for overseas sales are increasing.
However, many sellers are unable to enter the new market due to problems with shipping.
This problem is because many sellers are concentrated on one e-commerce platform, resulting in excessive competition and reduced sales efficiency.
Therefore, SHIPTER aims to contribute to the increase in exports of Korean products by creating a way for our customers through the development of multinational shipping services and new e-commerce platforms that Korean sellers can sell.
We also provide better shipping service quality and price to customers who use shipping service through EMS and K-PACKET of Korea Post Office to help them use reasonable shipping service.
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